How my girlfriend with ulcer drank garri after argument on who to cook – Man

A young Nigerian man narrates the situation he found himself in after his girlfriend who had an ulcer got into a disagreement with him over who to cook.

A social media user identified simply as Fola took to the X platform to narrate the frustrating moment he once had in his relationship.

His narration was in response to another user who quizzed about men’s experiences with women who made their day a tough one.

“Woman don frustrate you before? Bruh,” the X user asked.

In response, Fola shared his experience from the day his girlfriend starved herself just to protest cooking for both of them.

“I went to visit her and we had a little argument about what to eat and who to make it.

After prolonged silence, she went into the kitchen and returned after five minutes. Asked her what she would eat (when I realized the silence might eventually lead to a full blown argument) and she shrugged. Apparently she went to the kitchen to drink garri with salt 🧂while standing.

My head sparked when she told me, I later had to go out to buy things to cook, then beg her to eat it with me😫. and she get ulcer o. still go chop garri and salt,” he said.

How my girlfriend drank garri and salt after argument on who to cook - Man