“He should arrest her and sue for defamation of character” – Daniel Regha weighs in on Lil Frosh, Cute Gemini saga

Controversial critic, Daniel Regha has schooled singer, Lil Frosh on what his priority should be in the ongoing drama between him and his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini.

Lil Frosh opened up about his previous relationship over the weekend, claiming that his ex-partner had fabricated accusations against him. In addition, he apologized to Davido, his previous employer.

Daniel Regha
Daniel Regha

He refuted claims of physical abuse, merely acknowledging that he had once smacked her for disobeying his mother.

Lil Frosh posted images of his ex-girlfriend pleading with him to make amends, even though Davido accepted his apology and followed him back on Instagram.

Lil Frosh
Lil Frosh

However, Cute Gemini responded on Instagram, reaffirming her dedication to the truth and her refusal to allow anyone to intimidate or harass her.

Now, Daniel Regha pointed out that begging Davido for a second chance should be the least of Lil Frosh’s priorities.

Lil Frosh's ex-girlfriend Cute Gemini

He advised him to get his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini arrested and sued for defamation of character since he has the necessary evidence to back up his story.

In his words: “Lil Frosh’s saga exposes a lot; But what’s the point of begging Davido for a second chance? That should be the least of his priorities right now. He should get the girl arrested & sue for defamation of character since he’s got evidence to backup his story. Let him take legal action first. Everything else can wait.”


Daniel Regha on Lil Frosh, Cute Gemini saga